For English speaking friends of Thielle and naturism in Switzerland

from Helga: are cordially welcome to spend your holidays in Thielle, this unique place of power and learning, a place for old and young, disabled and those able to help, a paradise for laughter, good humour and big friendships, a great old place to discover anew, a place for respect and humanity…and last but not least do remember my old father’s motto: „dresses may make personalities, but no dresses make us all one and human“.

from Roland:
I came across more of these unconventional paradises in Switzerland. We spend summers (when we’re in Europe) in one of them: the naturist (read:nudist) camp Die Neue Zeit which means The New Age! (It’s commonly called Thielle). Having kept the reformatory virtues of the early 20th century, this camp is unique. There is no alcohol, nicotine or meat on the grounds. There is an ambitious cultural program in summer shared with many good friends. It’s Paradise. We have been members for about twenty years.